How To Change Vacuum Cleaner Belt – Guide To Vacuum Maintenance

Most vacuum cleaners today have belt-driven motor system. Although the belt-driven system is more durable compared to the chain, this is still prone to wear and tear. Vacuum belts wear out every time you use your cleaner.

Since the belt is the heart of the machine, you should replace the old one for it to work like new again. Here is a guide on how you can change your vacuum cleaner’s belt.

Step 1: Turn off your vacuum and unplug it. Let it cool down for a little bit so the motor is not hot. Make sure you have already bought a replacement belt for your vacuum.

Step 2: Place old newspapers on the floor. Turn the cleaner over and place it on top of the old newspapers. Get a screw driver and remove the nozzle guard of the machine. For cleaner brands like Dirt Devil, there are three screws holding the nozzle in place. Place the screws in a secure place so you don’t lose them.

Step 3: Lift the nozzle guard upward to remove it from the machine. Remove the brush roll. Carefully take off the belt away from the machine. The belt is located right beside the brush roll.

Step 4: Clean the brush roll first. Remove dirt and hair stuck in it. You can also run it in soapy water. Dry it up completely before putting it back to the machine.

Step 5: Now slide the new belt to the motor shaft of the cleaner. Loop it around the un-bristled parts of the brush roll.

Step 6: Replace the brush roll. Make sure you slide it back to the nozzle area. The ends have to be secured correctly back to its original position. To test the attachment, roll it using your hands. Also check if the belt has been aligned correctly with the brush roll and the motor shaft.

Step 7: Place the nozzle guard. Make sure the three tabs found at the bottom slot of the guard are aligned to it perfectly. Get the screws you have set aside previously and place the back to the nozzle guard using the screw driver.

Step 8: Test the connection. Plug the vacuum cleaner and give it a try. Make sure the brush roll is rolling without obstructions. Run the cleaner for about 15 minutes. If you hear whirring or chugging noise inside, you might have to reattach the belt. If the belt has not been connected properly, the machine produces unwanted noise.

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